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Whoever heard of Democrats ambushing a plan to invest public money on programs supporting working people? Elected leaders missed the game winning field goal and a chance to put people to work when the sensible capital outlay bill was botched this legislative session.

Media outlets are claiming Senate Bill 159, containing $264 million in shovel ready public works funding, fell victim to partisan brinksmanship. The fact is, New Mexico Senators voted 40-0 for the bill with every single Republican voting yes. That should clue us in that darker political motives were responsible for the bill’s demise. SB159 would’ve created thousands of jobs and built or refurbished our state’s vital infrastructure.

The investment represented a shot in the arm which our sluggish economy needed to jump into a higher gear.
Crafted in a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation by New Mexico’s Senate, the bill was strategically derailed by Governor Martinez and her loyal, staunchly anti-worker House GOP at a time when citizens are hungry to see the recession disappear in our rearview mirror. Read more >>>

States and local governments have been cutting vital public services for years because of shrinking revenue and bad policy decisions. The report, Tax Fairness: An Answer to State Budget Problems, describes a financial crisis that could have been avoided – and can be fixed – by making our tax codes fair.


New Mexico Right-to-Work Bill Defeated in Committee

The right-to-work scam was voted down by the pro-worker majority on the New Mexico Senate Public Affairs Committee - a huge victory for labor and community activists.

SANTA FE, New Mexico – The right-to-work scam was voted down by the pro-worker majority on the New Mexico Senate Public Affairs Committee, a huge victory for labor and community activists who were speaking out against the controversial proposal in public hearings, rallies and town hall meetings.

By blocking the measure, the committee took a giant step toward saving New Mexico’s economy, and reaffirmed the importance of workers’ fundamental right to join together to advocate for better working conditions.



This legislative session marks the first time the right-to-work scam was introduced in New Mexico since 1979 and 1981. In both years, then-Gov. Bruce King vetoed bills passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislatures. The current governor, Susana Martinez, a Republican, supports the legislation.

Labor and community groups will continue working together to support a “Ready to Work” package of bills creating more than 70,000 new jobs. The package includes funding for job training, local roads and highway jobs to improve infrastructure, and investment in schools by providing them with the necessary tools to prepare children to be part of a 21st century workforce.

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The 2015 AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy will be held from June to December of this year.


January 20th, 2015:

The week of January 12, 2015, the State issued an additional 884 checks, to both current and former employees. To date, the State has conducted six special payrolls and issued approximately 5,800 checks. The next special payroll is scheduled for the week of January 26, 2015.

AFSCME membership continues to seek further information and keep the pressure on to complete the back payments as quickly as possible.'

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AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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