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Dear AFSCME Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday in Albuquerque, in United States District Court, five of your fellow coworkers testified to the truth about what is happening inside the SNAP and Medicaid application process.

What came out in testimony? (see below for more details)

    •  ISD employees are directed by high level Martinez administration officials to falsify assets of people applying for expedited food stamps.

    •  Hearing ends after High level Martinez administration deputy director goes to consuit attorney on wherther or not to invoke 5th Amendment against self-incrimination


Even though these five brave AFSCME state employees (including a line-manager) are under federal subpoena and have whistleblower protection, AFSCME has serious concerns about retaliation.



That's why we need more ISD employees to stand up right now, before the state attorneys meet with the U.S. Magistrate Judge Carmen Garza again on Tuesday.

Please immediately contact AFSCME staff representative Chris Armijo by email and share your knowledge. In sharing your information you will be protected by union legal counsel, and Federal and state whistleblower protection laws.

Read AFSCME Letter to USDA asking for an investigation of ISD HERE

Media Coverage:

NM Political Report Employees say HSD asked them to falsify SNAP applications

Santa Fe New Mexican State workers admit fudging numbers to deny food aid to poor

If we all stand up together and now, we can help protect your coworkers from retaliation, and help protect the citizens of New Mexico who desperately need food and medical assistance benefits. email AFSCME now

The testimony is being heard as part of a federal case requesting the appointment of an expert to run certain divisions of HSD to ensure the state of New Mexico is exercising due diligence in its efforts to abide by a 1991 Federal Court order to bring basic processing of medical and food assistance benefits into compliance with federal law.

Sworn testimony detailed the following practices are occurring at income support division field offices across the state:

A. Intentional Manipulation of client assets during the ASPEN income support application process with express intent to affect the expedite certification approval system,
B. Management at several levels of authority are directing employees, either verbally or in writing, to manipulate client assets in order to make application processing appear timely
Much more came out in testimony detailing how the State practices and policy are in violation of Federal law. These practices are robbing poor, senior, and low income working people of SNAP and medicaid benefits.

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We know that the road has been long, that change has come too slow, and that Income Support Division (ISD) staff are under unacceptable pressures to do their jobs in the face of systematic ambush.

AFSCME has send this letter to the USDA requesting they investigate the systemic failures that have gone unaddressed by the Martinez administration for too long.


CLICK here to READ about the April 28 Court case where New Mexico Center for Law and Poverty is requesting a Federal Monitor to oversee ISD. AFSCME members and ISD staff are under federal subpeona to reveal the truth of what is happening within the system.

Watch this page for updates following the Federal Court hearing.

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New Mexico Labor Announces 2nd Annual ¡Gracias Bus Tour!

It takes guts to be a working people's champion. Paying lip-service to the working family agenda is one thing, but when the chips are down, taking votes to protect workers' rights, education, the environment, and progressive tax policy takes true grit.

Pressure is immense to vote AGAINST working family interests and, instead, support an out-of-state, corporate CEO agenda.

That is why NM Labor and our progressive allies are heading out on the road to thank the true working peoples' champions in the most public way possible.

April 28,29,30 and May 1, 2016


see flyers below


You're invited to get on board the ¡Gracias Bus Tour! and join in recognizing NM elected leaders who put people above politics and consistently take a stand for New Mexico working families.

There will be food, fun, stars, and fantastic films!

Tour will cover five cities in four days to thank legislators, build unity around the progressive agenda, and drum up excitement for 2016 elections Progressive author and political activist Jim Hightower is slated to headline the Santa Fe event.

The tour is sponsored by a wide spectrum of Labor and Progressive organizations, and will begin to educate voters on the importance of the 2016 elections for the future of our state.

“This is a critical year for getting our state back on the right track. Working people, the environment, and basic public services have all faced unprecedented attacks under the control of Governor Susana Martinez and the NM GOP-led House,” said New Mexico Federation of Labor President Jon Hendry. “We’re starting now to make sure every voter understands why it is so important for them to get involved and to put their support behind real New Mexico champions in this year’s election. It’s time for New Mexico families to take our state’s progress back into our own hands.”

Tour Schedule:

Thursday, 4/28 - Las Cruces
Friday, 4/29 - Truth or Consequences and Los Lunas
Saturday, 4/30 - Albuquerque
Sunday, 5/1 - Santa Fe

AFSCME members and retirees are breathing a sigh of relief after surviving another series of attacks by Republican Governor Susana Martinez and the Republican controlled House of Representatives in Santa Fe.

During the session, New Mexico Labor mobilized thousands of calls, letters, emails, and personal visits to key legislators to ensure that collective bargaining was protected. 

AFSCME members joined CWA members for the first annual  Red & Green Rally at the Roundhouse, on Saturday, February 6. Council 18 President Casey Padilla (pictured below) kicked-off the mid-morning rally by reminding the more than 200 members that “when union members are active, positive change happens!” 


Please send a quick word of thanks to our legislators in the House and the Senate who stood with working families this session! Sign a Thank You Petition here!

Labor leaders and legislators from around the state addressed the rowdy crowd. Every single speaker emphasized the importance of the 2016 elections. Jon Hendry, president of the New Mexico Federation of Labor, reminded the crowd that “the health of our communities, the rights of public employees, and the progress of the State of New Mexico depends on labor getting out the vote to support those who support New Mexicans.”

READ MORE!!! Read more >>>

State Employee Union Members Rally at Roundhouse: Call for Return to Reason in State Politics

AFSCME and CWA Union Members Say Skinny Winter Doesn’t Justify Neglect of Public Services Needs

Santa Fe, NM – On Saturday, February 6th, working people from across the state gathered for a rally at the Roundhouse. Over 100 union members rallied and called on legislators to invest in the people and services that make New Mexico run. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) members highlighted the direct impact that state workers have on the wellbeing of New Mexico communities.

Following the rally, AFSCME and CWA members lobbied legislators at the Roundhouse to tell their stories and engage them directly around the issues that matter to New Mexico families.....READ more

Time for a unity ride on the Roundhouse! Public services matter! Wages we can sustain our families on are essential. Right to Work laws are a dangerous distraction and an attack on working families.


Feb 5th - AFSCME / CWA Lobby Day

AFSCME Members:
MEET East Side Capitol - 10AMdetails: 505-266-2505 or

Feb 6th - RALLY


Lunch Provided, call Local Presidents for transportation options
details: 505-266-2505 or

We believe in a better and rising New Mexico. Now we need the Governor to believe and invest budget surpluses in NM families - NOT ineffective tax cuts for wealthy few!

Be there February 5th and 6th, We're the Red and Green Machine! We're CWA and AFSCME union members and we mean to be seen. Take action in 2016.

Before the Lobby / Rally Events on 2/5 and 2/6, please take a moment to write a letter in your own words to your home town state legislators.

CLICK HERE to write letter in support of New Mexico public employees providing the services which tax payers expect, pay for, and deserve. Its time! 2016 is a year of hope where we'll fight to make major improvements for NM public services and our jobs.

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Please SHARE! (print on Legal 8.5x14)


Frontlines: Winter 2016 - AFSCME New Mexico Steward Newsletter


Read the latest NM Works! newsletter for your legislative wrap up, official notification on the 2015 AFSCME People Convention, held May 16 in ABQ.


CLICK to read on Scribd: 
April 2015 AFSCME NM Works! Newsletter

Trouble? CLICK to Download PDF


Click to download and read on scribd. Call 505-266-2505 to make sure you're address is correct to receive a print copy.

January 20th, 2015:

The week of January 12, 2015, the State issued an additional 884 checks, to both current and former employees. To date, the State has conducted six special payrolls and issued approximately 5,800 checks. The next special payroll is scheduled for the week of January 26, 2015.

AFSCME membership continues to seek further information and keep the pressure on to complete the back payments as quickly as possible.'

See the latest update here:

AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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