Tim Keller, AFSCME endorsed candidate for ABQ Mayor, sits down and speaks directly to ABQ City Employees. 

In the union we have an old and historic saying, “We want bread, but we want roses, too.” AFSCME Local 3999 members are grateful for the bread, and this year, Santa Fe leaders should avoid hoarding the roses.

Fighting for Candidates Who Will Fight for Us

The stakes this election year are higher than ever and we need your help! Across the country, Americans are facing an out-of-balance economy that favors the wealthy while wages remain stagnant for everyone else.

As an active AFSCME member you know the battles we are waging and you are engaged in the strategy to win justice at work. Take the next step and get educated on your union contract. Become a recognized AFSCME union steward. SIGN UP FOR COST-FREE AND ESSENTIAL TRAININGS.
Governor Martinez has made it her policy to run lean and mean government with fewer employees and resources, and that’s exactly what she has delivered. Today, 1.4 million New Mexicans rely on some food and Medicaid assistance. Undercutting basic services needed to survive is fueling massive problems that affect us all.
Freedom means more than making a living. It means the ability to financially support your family and have time to be there for them. AFSCME President Lee Saunders explains how corporate interest groups are working tirelessly to chip away at the freedoms that unions have won for everyone.
"We have these union benefits because we stood together," says Daniel Sedillo, Bernalillo County parks maintenance employee, Local 1461 Steward and AFSCME Strong Organizer. "I'm organizing my coworkers into the union because I know how important the power of the union is to lifting up our professions."

Your calls and emails were a big part of this victory, so thank you to everyone who played a part in defending our jobs! While it's less than ideal that Gov. Martinez insisted on borrowing money from future bonding capacity to help balance the budget, legislators compromised to give...

On Saturday, June 3rd, in Albuquerque, nearly 70 AFSCME political activists from around the state gathered for the biennial Council 18 PEOPLE Convention.  Special thanks to Int’l Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride for joining us for the day.

After an eight-year struggle, AFSCME has finally made the State follow the collective bargaining agreement. Article 21, Section 5 of the agreement between AFSCME Council 18 and the State of New Mexico provides that "an employee who is assigned to shift work in a twenty-four hour facility and who does not utilize sick leave for a calendar quarter shall receive credit for eight hours of administrative leave...."