Sisters and Brothers, If everyone comes and volunteers, WE WILL elect new partners in the battle to change Albuquerque's political culture.

Please speak out in solidarity with 193 of your fellow public employees by reading and signing the petition HERE.

Human Services Department / Income Support Division (HSD/ISD) Employees are standing up and saying, Hold your horses, Cabinet Secretary Earnest. You cannot make it policy to punish employees who are being run into a wall while doing their best to run a severely damaged HSD/ISD system.  

ELECTION DAY is October 3rd!
Early Voting and Union Get out the vote program - NOW!!!

The ABQ City Elections are right around the corner, please join us to help elect our endorsed candidates for Mayor and City Council. We're working from the AFSCME Lujan Union Hall, every week, Monday - Thursday (4PM - 8PM)

AFSCME emphatically and unequivocally condemns the Nazi white nationalists who spewed vile bigotry and incited domestic terrorism on Saturday. Now is a moment for all Americans who believe in freedom and justice, in tolerance and inclusion, to stand up and speak out. To combat hatred and violence, AFSCME is making

Morgan Lee, The Associated Press

SANTA FE - The New Mexico Supreme Court is considering whether public defense attorneys are being stretched too thin to adequately represent poor people facing possible jail time.

The independent agency overseeing public defense attorneys across New Mexico wants the court to step in and help deal with what it says are overwhelming case numbers, possibly by dismissing some nonviolent offenses or by other emergency measures.

In the union we have an old and historic saying, “We want bread, but we want roses, too.” AFSCME Local 3999 members are grateful for the bread, and this year, Santa Fe leaders should avoid hoarding the roses.

Fighting for Candidates Who Will Fight for Us

The stakes this election year are higher than ever and we need your help! Across the country, Americans are facing an out-of-balance economy that favors the wealthy while wages remain stagnant for everyone else.

Tim Keller, AFSCME endorsed candidate for ABQ Mayor, sits down and speaks directly to ABQ City Employees. 

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