193 HSD Caseworkers Sign Petition Demanding Smart Changes and Opposing Punitive Quotas

Please speak out in solidarity with 193 of your fellow public employees by reading and signing the petition HERE.

Human Services Department / Income Support Division (HSD/ISD) Employees are standing up and saying, Hold your horses, Cabinet Secretary Earnest. You cannot make it policy to punish employees who are being run into a wall while doing their best to run a severely damaged HSD/ISD system.  

Your fellow state employees at HSD's income support division have signed to demand HSD fix systemic problems in ASPEN, create statewide policies that work, and stop scapegoating and retaliating against frontline employees for problems they didn't create.

193 of your fellow HSD co-workers have already signed this petition. CLICK HERE to Stand with Them. Plan to join us when we deliver the signatures to HSD Cabinet Secretary Brent Earnest in Santa Fe. Date TBA

In June, HSD notified your union of their intent to implement and enforce completion of tasks quotas on FAAs, WITHOUT first addressing major staffing, mismanagement, and ASPEN system issues. The state has illegally refused to bargain with the union over these changes and we are currently filing labor charges on the state for this failure to bargain changes to working conditions.

TAKE ACTION and stop HSD from proceeding with these quotas and violating our union rights to bargain this major policy shift. Local leaders and HSD stewards have paper petitions for you to sign, or you can sign right now using this online form.

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In Solidarity!