AFSCME 2017 Convention digs In, sets sites high in fight for workplace justice

Bold Call to Action for AFSCME 2017 Convention

The AFSCME Council 18 convention wrapped up Saturday, August 26th. Over 100 delegates convened to elect a new executive board, hear from national and local leaders, and harness a clear, stronger vision for direct member mobilization in 2017 and beyond.

AFSCME members of New Mexico, this is your newly-elected Council 18 executive board. They're counting on you, and you can count on them. pictured left to right: Fred Garcia - Trustee, Tirzio Lopez - Secretary / Treasurer, Terri Hopp - Trustee, Kenneth Long, - Vice-President, Paula Fisher - Executive Board, Benton Chavez - City - County Vice President, Michael Dorin - Executive Board, Daniel Solis Jr - Executive Board. Tony Garcia - State Vice President, Adam Chavarria - Executive Board, Casey R Padilla - President, Sean Glackman - Trustee, Robert Darnell - Executive Board. [not pictured, Yvonne Mendoza - Higher Education Vice President, JD Doran - Retiree Vice President]

AFSCME President Lee Saunders brought the international message that AFSCME is confronting the challenges we face across the nation

"Our members are not running, they are not hiding, or burying their heads in the sand. AFSCME members are making their voices heard and fighting back like never before."

We are AFSCME, 1.6 million members strong. We're the big green machine. When we fight, we win. When we make our voices heard, we win."

Lee Saunders, President

Council President Casey Padilla Calls Members to Embrace Grit and Determination of AFSCME Founding Principles

Padilla, challenged members to get back to that tougher spirit that our union was built upon.

"We've become too comfortable in taking for granted the benefits and rights that we fought for in the past.  It is not the one-percent looking out for New Mexico citizens, they are fighting against us."

Council 18 Executive Director and AFSCME International Vice President Connie Derr has Vision for Strong AFSCME Future

Council 18 has grown by over 1,000 new member in the past year. “The way our locals are going to grow stronger is by communicating and taking action with our entire membership. AFSCME will use every means necessary to fight and win our core issues."

Sister Derr has spearheaded an overhaul of AFSCME Council 18's organizing model. Emphasis on trainings and direct member action on the issues has led to more victories in 2017.

Upcoming trainings [CLICK] guarantee that AFSCME members will be at the center of the conversation in 2018

AFSCME Members Demand a Say in How Public Services are Delivered

Tomas Romero, President for AFSCME Local 1888, City of Albuquerque Security, signs two of AFSCME C18's active petitions. One calls for an investigation on safety concerns at Rio Arriba County Detention Center. Members also signed a petition being circulated by Human Services Department / Income Support Division employees calling on their cabinet secretary, Brent Earnest, to abandon an illegally implemented policy that punishes caseworkers for being unable to meet unrealistic quotas.  

Tim Keller for Mayor Has a Vision for Albuquerque that Works for AFSCME

Tim Keller, AFSCME's endorsed candidate for Albuquerque mayor and New Mexico's state auditor, wore his AFSCME Local 624 shirt to address the convention.

Keller made a clear commitment to AFSCME and our community that, when he is mayor, city employees will have a voice on issues affecting them, and an easier time seeing eye to eye with the mayor's office in order to resolve issues.

AFSCME Strong Activists Lead Panel on Local Union Building Best Practices

Council 18 and International AFSCME staff lead convention delegates through four short panel discussions on member mobilizations and successful political engagement. Delegates returned home with new skills, tactics, and a commitment to mobilize their Locals.

Daniel Dore [pictured] Local 2499 - Bernalillo County Detention Center, spoke on how he travelled to Iowa to go door to door speaking with AFSCME members who are under political attack.

Michael Dorin, President of Local 2962 stressed the imperative of building a strong PEOPLE program. " We must remind politicians that our issues are critical. Taking care of employees that provide essential services, and being responsive to our issues is mandatory to run a successful government."

Daniel Solis, President of Local 1413 - Santa Fe Detention Center. His Local has 98% membership, their executive board and team of stewards practice a relentless style of member communication. "Even before an officer completes their probation period, we're there to talk about the union with them, to remind them that conditions at the facility are improving because we stick together and speak with one voice."

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