BE THERE 10/19 - Sandoval County Commissioners On Billionaire Funded Quest to Make Your Job Worse

Sandoval County commissioners Jay Block and David Heil believe that it’s okay to waste your tax dollars. That’s why they have proposed a so-called right to work ordinance that will only benefit big, out of state corporations.

Please scroll down to learn the basics about so-called "right to work" laws, including the myth busting info on the fake benefits of RTW.

Be at the Sandoval Commission meeting
Thursday, 10/19 by 4:30 PM to be sure and get a seat.
1500 Idalia Road, Bernalillo, NM 87004.



Our elected officials are supposed to work on laws that will help everyone in our community, not just the rich and powerful. This new ordinance was ruled illegal by a New Mexico Federal Court in 1989 and if passed would only help the rich get richer by rigging the rules against us, the workers.

Call commissioners Block and Heil and tell them to stop wasting our money working on laws that only benefit a privileged few at our expense. We don't need a law that makes it easier to depress and steal wages, or make our jobs less safe.


Make Calls:

District 1:  Commissioner Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes
District 2:  Commissioner Jay Block
District 3:  Commissioner Don Chapman
District 4:  Commissioner David Heil
District 5:  Commissioner Kenneth Eichwald

What Block and his allies are trying to accomplish is illegal. It is a misguided and mean-spirited attack on actual working people on behalf of the 1% and a handful of right-wing kingmakers in Washington D.C..


Myth:  Unions impose fair share on workers against the employer and employees’ will.

Reality:  Fair share exists only where the EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEES agree to it.  Even after agreement at the negotiating table, the rank and file workers must ratify any contract through a democratic vote. Right-to-work takes away the freedom and choice which employers and employees enjoy now under current Federal and New Mexico Law. 

Myth:  By reducing workers’ ability to negotiate and lowering wages, New Mexico will get a competitive advantage that will lead to new jobs.

Reality:  New Mexico is already at the bottom of the states when it comes to wages across almost all sectors.  Lowering wages doesn’t make New Mexico more attractive.  Low wage manufacturing companies looking to relocate based on wage scale are already going to China, Vietnam, or Mexico

Myth:  Right to work is a major factor for companies looking to re-locate or expand.

Reality:  The magazine for site locators and companies looking to move or expand, Area Development Magazine, has surveyed company location personnel for years on what factors are most important to their decisions. Not once in all the years of the survey has right-to-work been in the top 10 factors. 

Myth: Right to Work will put more money in my pocket

Reality: When so-called Right to Work laws are passed, unscrupulous companies such as TLC Plumbing & Utility are freer to exploit labor, lower wages, and statistically provide fewer health, safety, and retirement benefits. These laws rig the rules and are simply another tool that the rich have to consolidate wealth and further shrink the middle class.

Myth:  Free bargaining states require workers to become union members.

Reality:  No one can be required join a union according to U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Current law allows employers and employees to negotiate agreements that require non-union members to pay reduced fair share amounts for costs directly related to the administration of a contract.

Myth:  Right to work will lead to new jobs.

Reality:  7 of the 10 states with the highest unemployment are right-to-work states.  For all the political promises the law would create new jobs, not a single company has made a public statement that this is a factor in site selection.  In Oklahoma, the only state to adopt right to work between 1985 and 2013, promises identical to those being made in New Mexico were made.  Instead of increasing jobs moving to Oklahoma, the number of companies relocating to Oklahoma and the total number of manufacturing jobs in the state fell by about one-third after adoption of RTW.

Myth:  Fair share fees fund political work.

Reality:  Under U.S. Supreme Court rulings, not a single penny of fair share fees can go to political, social, or even charitable causes.  Fair share pays exclusively for negotiating and enforcing contracts that benefit every worker.

Myth:  If a worker doesn’t want to pay fair share, they won’t get union benefits or representation.

Reality:  Under current federal and state law, all unions must represent everyone in a bargaining unit equally. All contract benefits and rights accrue to both union members and non-members equally.

Right to work for SANDOVAL COUNTY: 



  • Burly Cain, head of the billionaire-funded, American for Prosperity, has misled Sandoval Commissioners into believing this illegal ordinance will create jobs, when in fact, it’s only effect will be to weaken worker organizations, lower wages for every day workers, and concentrate more wealth at the top.
  • Americans for Prosperity has a track record of deceiving elected leaders into supporting their greed ridden corporate interests in exchange for massive financial campaign support. Americans for Prosperity is in the business of attaching corporate puppet strings to ambitious politicians. The result: Sandoval County Commissioners, Block and Heil have been lured into a trap where they are engaging in malfeasance and violating their oaths as elected officials.
  • Wealthy corporations, like Koch Industries, and out-of-state special interest groups have lied and promoted fake news to trick Sandoval County workers into supporting a greedy power grab that harms workers’ unions and the middle class.
  • Through jingoism and deceptive rhetoric relying on trigger words like “freedom” and “liberty”, Americans for Prosperity has lured Sandoval County Commissioners into a trap where they are wasting tax payer money to pass and defend in court an ordinance that will, again, be struck down in court at a huge expense to taxpayers.
  • Clovis, NM attempted to pass a so-called right-to-work law in 1989 and it was ruled invalid by a New Mexico Federal Court for violating fundamental pillars of the National Labor Relations Act, which protect worker freedoms to negotiate over the terms and conditions of their jobs.
  • Right to Work is a deceptive name for a bad law that hurts the middle class. The bill’s true goals and ONLY guaranteed effect is putting more money in the pockets of out of state millionaires and billionaires.
  • Legislation like this is being fought in the Federal Courts right now. Promoted by a well-coordinated network of billionaires, super PACs, and corporate special interest groups who are intent on keeping more corporate profits for themselves.
  • These are the same groups that are down-sizing, shipping jobs overseas, and hiding profits offshore to avoid paying the same taxes families and small businesses have to pay.