In a remarkably efficient legislative session, the House and Senate passed a budget for the coming fiscal year that protected state employees from pay cuts and protected all public employees from a major attack on PERA.  

Your calls and emails were a big part of this victory, so thank you to everyone who played a part in defending our jobs!

Our Democratic allies in both chambers were joined by Senate Republicans and some House Republicans in passing the budget, though it was only Republicans who supported raiding PERA as part of the budget fix.  Dems killed that plan quickly--here is a column about why it was an illegal, terrible idea to steal from workers' retirement: Pension raid proposal is nothing more than grandstanding  

While it's less than ideal that Gov. Martinez insisted on borrowing money from future bonding capacity to help balance the budget, legislators compromised to give her that item while closing one loophole on out-of-state corporations and closing loopholes for some special interests in New Mexico

Thanks for your calls and emails. 

In Solidarity!