2018 Legislative Session - Several Bills to WATCH! (2018 Session Update #3)

The session is moving along with much of the focus on the budget. We are working hard with our allies in the house and senate to secure a raise for all state employees and additional money for Department of Corrections to help corrections officers. The latest revenue update is promising, with roughly $280 million in “new money” for the upcoming budget year.

Here is your update on bills we are supporting, working to defeat, or amend to protect AFSCME members.

Senate Bill 38 - increased penalties for battery on a CYFD workers

Senator Howie Morales (D-28) has sponsored legislation in support of our CYFD employees to increase penalties for those who assault our member who are out looking after the well-being of children.  While we know stronger penalties don't always deter violent individuals, we support the intentions of this bill to protect our members on the job.

House Bill 169 and Senate Bill 179 - Right to work for less

Out of state special interest groups are once again pushing anti-worker legislation this session. Neither bill has been scheduled for a hearing, but we will make sure to keep you up to date.

House Bill 137
- Double dipping for well connected police officers.

We fully support recruiting and retaining new police officers, but bringing back retired police officers will not put additional officers on the street and it will stifle recruitment of the next generation of officers. The Albuquerque Police Officers Association also opposes this bill.

House Bill 66 and Senate Bill 40
-  strengthening wastewater infrastructure

Both of these bills deal with trying to help strengthen our wastewater infrastructure. While we want to make sure cities and counties have access to loans from the wastewater fund to help get these projects moving forward, we have serious concerns with private companies being able have access to the loans and then being able to operate and maintain wastewater facilities, something that should be operated and maintained by the local government entity.

National Stage - Federal Constitutional Convention a Threat to Public Employees

AFSCME is taking the lead to stop New Mexico from joining anti-worker state legislatures around the country who are calling for a federal constitutional convention.  At a constitutional convention, the powerful who currently control America have made it clear they intend to gut the power of the public sector to do good for all of us, including eliminating Social Security, Medicare, and core constitutional rights that have served us well for centuries.

As always, if you hear anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to you political action team at [email protected]

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