AFSCME New Mexico Stands: #EndFamilySeparation

"AFSCME Council 18 joins New Mexico Women, families, our sister organizations, and this community call for action to #EndFamilyDetention. We express our outrage that migrant children are in cages, jails, and separated from their parents," said Connie Derr, Executive Director Council 18. "We are adding our voices to this call for a return to basic human decency."

Thursday, 6/28/18
Meet at 3pm
East side of the State Capitol Building
490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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AFSCME President Lee Saunders issued this statement announcing AFSCME has co-signed a complaint to the United Nations Commission for Human Rights in response to the Trump administration’s inhumane policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border:

“AFSCME members make caring for families and communities their life’s work. From social workers to nurses to school bus drivers to first responders, public service workers do not choose their profession just to support their own families, but to keep all children and families healthy and safe. Like the vast majority of Americans, we are horrified by the Trump administration’s immoral policy of forcibly separating innocent children from their parents at the border. As parents, public service workers and American citizens, we cannot bear to see these injustices carried out in our name..."Read more here

This isn’t the first time our country has taken children from their parents. Children of slaves were sold to the highest bidder, Japanese children and their families were incarcerated here in New Mexico during WWII, Native children were forcibly sent to boarding schools.

Governor Susana Martinez supports Trump’s racist policies against people of color. During both of her campaigns for governor she fanned the flames of injustice and hate against immigrants and their families.

At Trump’s request she has sent New Mexico National Guard Troops to our border with Mexico. Wasting money that could be spent for mental health, health care, education, eradicating homelessness and other social needs for New Mexicans.

The governor supports the Trump policy of jailing migrant children and sending them to the far corners of this country. IIt is child abuse.

AFSCME joins in the demand that Governor Martinez immediately:

  • Issue a statement to President Trump denouncing the policy of removing children from their parent and imprisoning them.
  • Demand that the President immediately reunite every single child that was stolen from her or his parents.
  • Demand that the President follow the law with regard to those who ask for asylum
  • Immediately recall all New Mexico National Guard Troops from the southern border
  • Terminate Contracts with all Private Detention Centers.

AFSCME joins the New Mexico Women's March, partner organizations New Mexico Dream Team, March for Our lives, and the New Mexico Poor Peoples Campaign.

Join us this Thursday 6/28/2018 at 3pm - East side of the State Capitol Building.