Just this morning, 11/8/2017, First Judicial District Court Judge David Thomson ruled against the State of New Mexico and in favor state employees and their democratic right to vote by allowing administrative time to vote in municipal elections, such as in the current City of Albuquerque Run-off Election, to be held on Tuesday November 14th.  

AFSCME and CWA filed the lawsuit against the State after the State Personnel Office stated state employees may not have time to vote without penalty, in direct conflict of the municipal code and state rules act.  In his decision delivered this morning, Judge Thompson cited several court cases upholding the fundamental democratic right to vote, as there is  “no right more precious” than the right to vote.

Shane Youtz, AFSCME’s chief attorney who argued the case on behalf of AFSCME and CWA stated, “Judge Thompson’s decision protects and enforces the fundamental rights of citizens to vote in municipal elections. It also requires the State to comply with the law, it gives effect to the Legislature’s desire to encourage democracy to thrive.”

Connie Derr, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 18 added, "It is unfortunate that we again have to force the State of New Mexico to abide by their own policies and just do what is right. This was an obvious effort by Governor Susana Martinez to suppress the vote in the Albuquerque mayoral election.   AFSCME will always fight to protect our members’ rights.”

"This is a big win for state employees," said Ken Long, President of AFSCME Local 1211, and a named plaintiff in the lawsuit.    "Every single state employee has the right to vote and the fact that the state has tried time and time again to take that away is ridiculous.  We should all be working together to try and increase voter participation, not the other way around."

City Of Albuquerque run-off Election

Tim Keller and Cynthia Borrego need your help and vote to win in these extremely important elections.  You can early vote now through Friday from 9am-6pm at any of the early vote centers in Albuquerque, or Tuesday November 14th from 7am-7pm.

And, you can help our endorsed candidates by volunteering over the next week at the AFSCME LUJAN Union Hall, below is a schedule.