Join AFSCME: Our fighting union can inspire a new labor movement

We know billionaire funded groups who are attempting to dismantle our union and the contracts we've negotiated are spending millions in New Mexico. They are already mailing letters, making calls, and visiting union homes.

Over the next months, you will likely be a target of a scam to trick you into quitting your union. Don’t fall for it. LEARN MORE about the sick money behind this plan to neutralize the labor movement HERE.

We are at a moment when a fighting union organization could kindle the imagination of millions of workers and inspire a new labor movement.

Recommit to your union by filling out a new membership card to update info here, and ask your coworkers to join.

When you receive your phone call or letter from someone claiming to be from a "grass-roots" or pro-union organization inviting you to drop the union in order to improve your career, please take notes and let us know about it. The battles we wage against Governor Martinez's, or any other elected administration's policies, require a strong membership. 

Recently, at a County Commission Meeting on the public record, anti-union activists falsely claimed to be from union families and told lies about how a union caused them to become homeless. It's shameless, and it's planned.

PUSH BACK by learning the truth and standing strong in your union!

Why the keen interest in weakening the power we have as New Mexico Public Employees?

Because we negotiate workplace policy and fight for budgets that puts people over profits. We stand in the public interest against reckless outsourcing. In short, when AFSCME is strong, billionaires funders have less power over employees and our country.

As Union members, you do a lot of work that the People take for granted: sanitation, public safety, keeping our kids and elders safe, maintaining our infrastructure, managing pest populations, making sure industry isn't dumping waste into streams, and keeping the drinking water clean. You're hardworking, tax paying people, and because you have a strong union, you don't have to take grief from anyome.  

AFSCME is your organization, standing between our pensions and privatizing interests that would move us to less useful 401K's, so they can gamble with our defined benefit pension treasury.

Tell your coworkers, it is easy to take the first step and stand among allies.


The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO. Standing for good government service since 1932 in the USA and 1975 in New Mexico.