Session begins (2018 Update #1)

Sisters and Brothers,

As the New Year begins, another legislative session is upon us. This legislative session will begin on Tuesday January 16 and will be a 30 day session dedicated to the budget.  

We are excited to see the Legislative Finance Committee propose a 1.5% pay increase for all state employees, something we all know is far over due. State workers have had to do more with less over the last 7 years and have rarely been rewarded.

AFSCME will be working every single day with our friends the legislature to secure the 1.5% raise and try to see if we can address some of the issues around high vacancies and pay compaction within many state agencies. We will also fight against any attempts to outsource our members jobs and any corporate tax cuts that only benefit the wealthy.

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Please keep an eye for frequent updates as we move through the session and we will need each and everyone of us to make calls and send emails when we ask, it is critical to our success.

Thank you all for your hard work and for dedicating your careers to public service.

Happy New Year!