In Workers' Words - AFSCME testifies against brashly conceived quota policies


Standing left to right; Kathleen Blackgoat
Kat Blkgt, Kenneth Long, Angela Dominguez Sisneros,
Frederick Garcia, Adrianna
Claussen, and seated; Laura Baca, Annette Torres, Jesse Hernandez

Albuquerque, NM - On April 10, 2018, HSD Income Support Division Family Assistance Analysts appeared before Thomas J. Griego, Executive Director for the Public Employee Labor Relations Board, to testify on a Prohibited Practice Complaint - Merits Hearing involving Quota policy.

Your Brave coworkers drove in from every corner of the state to speak up on behalf of hundreds, even thousands, of state employees who could be impacted by brashy conceived quota policies, now and in the future.

“I was proud to stand alongside these men and women - dedicated state employees who are fighting for themselves, their coworkers, their families, and everyone in New Mexico,” said Ken Long, President of Local 1211, Albuquerque Area State Employees.

Union Attorney James Montalbano speaks with members

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Testimony will continue in the hearing with the State preparing to present they’re case in May. While witnesses are bound not to discuss their testimony in this ongoing case, we can share a few words from the heart which your brothers and sisters shared with us as they hit the road home.

Our clients and Co workers are more than a number. We make change in people’s lives and take pride in the quality of our work to provide services for those in need. “We deal with real people, day in and day out. They are people and not numbers to us. They should be treated as a human, not a point system in a production process.”

- Adrianna Claussen

Annette Torrez, Jesse Hernandez

“We are tired of being trampled on - retaliated against for management’s inability to get it together. I believe we are standing for a just cause. We all have something to offer, not only to one-another as state employees, but something for our entire State and the families we stand for.”
- Jesse Hernandez

New Mexico families are AFSCME protected! - Angela Dominguez Sisneros

“New Mexico Families deserve to be treated with respect. They are not a quotas, expectations, or numbers. They are Human.”
- Laura Baca

We are AFSCME Strong, and AFSCME NEVER Quits! - Frederick Garcia