Local Unions

Connect with your Local leadership, find worksite stewards, and learn more about how your Local fights for your interests everyday. With over 50 local unions across New Mexico, you might be confused about which local represents you. Call Council 18's headquarters in Albuquerque with any questions you may have first. 505-266-2505


President - Jaeson Goodwin
President - J'ette Quintana
President - Vacant
President - Rex Chaney
President - Elijah Mares
President - Patty Garcia
President - Arminda Cordova
President - Chris Hockman
President - Robert Sanchez
President - Larry Berg
President - Roxanne Lujan
President - Richard Casillas
President - Yvonne Mendoza
President - Javier Jurado
President - Henry "Ace" Griego
President - Jeff Rudolph
President - Ricky Romero
President - Stephanie Gomez
President - Roberta "Bobbi" Larez
President - Eduardo Mendoza
President - Derek Escalera
President - Michael Christopher
President - Brandon MacDonnell
President - Vacant