RAISES, YES! Please Make Calls Thanking Legislators for Voting in Support of a Raise (2018 Session Update #4)

Sisters and Brothers, Please make these calls TODAY! We must recognize and thank the legislators who are listening and responding to our voices. 

This weekend, our friends on the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, voted to fund a raise for all State Employees.   The budget also includes additional money to support correction officers, probation and parole officers, social workers, and nurses. 

Even though we have overcome a major hurdle, the budget must still be voted on by the entire House of Representatives and Senate, before heading to the Governor.

Here is your list of phone calls with a simple message: "THANK YOU for supporting State Employees".

A House floor vote on the budget may come as early as tomorrow, so please makes these calls TODAY!

Email our allies on the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, CLICK HERE


Chair Patricia Lundstrom - Gallup

Vice Chair George Dodge - Santa Rosa

Antonio “Moe” Maestas - Albuquerque

Rudy Martinez - Bayard

Elizabeth Thomson - Albuquerque

Christine Trujillo - Albuquerque

As always, if you hear anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your political action team at [email protected]

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