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State Employee Union Members Rally at Roundhouse: Call for Return to Reason in State Politics

AFSCME and CWA Union Members Say Skinny Winter Doesn’t Justify Neglect of Public Services Needs

Santa Fe, NM – On Saturday, February 6th, working people from across the state gathered for a rally at the Roundhouse. Over 100 union members rallied and called on legislators to invest in the people and services that make New Mexico run. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) members highlighted the direct impact that state workers have on the wellbeing of New Mexico communities.

Following the rally, AFSCME and CWA members lobbied legislators at the Roundhouse to tell their stories and engage them directly around the issues that matter to New Mexico families.....READ more

SCROLL down to read comments from NM Corrections Officers and the families they rarely see...

New Mexico's State Corrections system is teetering on the edge of crisis. Corrections employees need decisive action NOW from the Governor and Legislature to foster a safer, well-run system. It's mission critical for our state government.

To: Governor Martinez Administration and NM Legislature

Corrections Officers have one of the toughest jobs out there, and scientific studies back up that fact.

New Mexico's State Corrections system is teetering on the edge of crisis. Corrections employees need decisive action NOW from the Governor and Legislature to foster a safer, well-run system. It's mission critical for our state government.

The NM Corrections system currently languishes under severe vacancy levels, with several facilities operating with 40% vacancy rates. A result, Corrections Officers are working maximum level (72) hours of mandatory overtime, weekly, at some facilities. This work schedule prevents officers from having adequate time for recovery, self care, or their families.

Resulting fatigue, stress, and break-down of well-being, commonly referred to as “corrections fatigue” is a major factor increasing the dangers of accidents or incidents at work.

NM Corrections Officer pay remains uncompetitive and below the median income level for corrections officers (nationally and regionally). Low pay is a major factor preventing the department from recruiting and retaining men and women into the career. The domino effects created by heavy workloads and high vacancies are undermining the department’s mission.

Through its Labor Management Committee, the New Mexico Corrections Department and AFSCME have recognize all these life and death realities and agreed that addressing them need to be an urgent priority.

AFSCME strongly calls upon Governor Martinez, her administration, and the NM Legislature to tackle the issue of corrections fatigue by working with the union, and one another to develop and implement concrete strategies and solutions addressing the crisis.


  Save New Mexico Corrections by Miles Dylan Conway


AFSCME Response to Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce Reports
City of Santa Fe - Budget Deficits

Full-time equivalent (FTE) Comparisons: Cutting Staff Means Cutting Services

Looking solely at full-time equivalents (FTEs) leads to an incomplete and inaccurate assessment of the city’s efficiency, perpetuating the myth that city government is bloated.

According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, total costs of compensation for state and local workers account for about 44 percent of state and local spending. The Chamber of Commerce reported that Santa Fe spends about a third of its budget on wages and benefits, which is certainly not out of line with the national average.

If we actually compare apples to apples, Santa Fe is in line with other similar cities.

The city hires more Parks and Recreation FTEs per 1,000 residents than other similarly-sized cities. But if we look Parks and Recreation staff per park acre, the city is in line with its peers.

DOWNLOAD this Report (PDF 140K)

A number of cities in the chamber’s report don’t operate their own utilities. The services might be provided by another government entity or a private operator. This skews the total FTE comparison.

If we look solely at cities that do operate the same utilities as Santa Fe (water, wastewater, and solid waste), the average is 2.7 public utility FTEs per 1,000 residents. Santa Fe is comparable with 3.0 public utility FTEs per 1,000 residents. If we take all the vacancies into account, the city is actually operating with less than average utility FTEs.

READ Friday ABQ Journal Coverage: reveals much of SF Chamber Report is Sham

Note also that most utility positions and other positions related to the city’s bustiness-type activities, are positions that can be self-sustained with service charges and fees.

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Senator Mark Moores (R) Albuquerque, introduces so-called right to work legislation (SB 269)

Sisters and Brothers,

Last year, the republican controlled House of Representatives, with the support of Governor Martinez, tried to pass this anti-worker piece of legislation without success. 

Middle class workers from around the state made their voices heard and this year will be no different, we will need each and everyone of you to make calls, SIGN this petition, send emails, and tell your personal stories about how this is bad for you, your family, and all workers.

The first stop for this terrible piece of legislation is Senate Public Affairs Committee. Last year, we were able to stop this bill with the support of strong pro-worker senators.

Please call and thank the following senators that stood strong with all of you last year and ask for their support once again. VOTE NO on SB 269, so-called right to work.

Chair - Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D) Albuquerque
505 986 4482

Vice Chair - Senator Bill O’Neill (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4260

Senator Jacob Candelaria (D) Albuquerque
505 986 4396

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4270

Senator Mimi Stewart (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4856

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On January 11, AFSCME public safety members turned out for Council 18's Annual Public Safety Blue Breakfast & Lobby Day, in Santa Fe. 80+ members participated in the outstanding program of topical issues by recognized public safety leaders, sharing peer-to-peer information, and lobbying our NM legislature. This year marked the largest ever member turnout.

Chaplin José Villegas, Sr., who opened the event with an Invocation that connected faith with the dangerous jobs of our members, was a perfect fit. Chaplin Villegas is the named chaplain for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, City of Santa Fe police and fire departments, and the regional offices of the FBI. He has served as a corrections officer, law enforcement officer, and 911 dispatcher.

The two co-chairs of AFSCME Council 18’s Public Safety Steering Committee, Sammy Marquez, president, Espanola Police Officers’ Union Local 923, and Daniel Dore, executive board member, Metropolitan Detention Center Corrections Officers’ Union Local 2499, shared emceeing duties.

(pictured L toR: Sammy Marquez, Chaplain Villegas, Sr., Daniel Dore) 

The first roundtable discussion focused on victories, opportunities and challenges. The victories reported out were a much longer list and included membership involvement, positive relationship with administration and/or elected officials, overturned unjust disciplines, implementing longevity pay, long-overdue pay increases/winning wage theft grievances, safety upgrades, improved contract language, more trained stewards and facility bids. 

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Time for a unity ride on the Roundhouse! Public services matter! Wages we can sustain our families on are essential. Right to Work laws are a dangerous distraction and an attack on working families.


Feb 5th - AFSCME / CWA Lobby Day

AFSCME Members:
MEET East Side Capitol - 10AMdetails: 505-266-2505 or

Feb 6th - RALLY


Lunch Provided, call Local Presidents for transportation options
details: 505-266-2505 or

We believe in a better and rising New Mexico. Now we need the Governor to believe and invest budget surpluses in NM families - NOT ineffective tax cuts for wealthy few!

Be there February 5th and 6th, We're the Red and Green Machine! We're CWA and AFSCME union members and we mean to be seen. Take action in 2016.

Before the Lobby / Rally Events on 2/5 and 2/6, please take a moment to write a letter in your own words to your home town state legislators.

CLICK HERE to write letter in support of New Mexico public employees providing the services which tax payers expect, pay for, and deserve. Its time! 2016 is a year of hope where we'll fight to make major improvements for NM public services and our jobs.

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Frontlines: Winter 2016 - AFSCME New Mexico Steward Newsletter


Read the latest NM Works! newsletter for your legislative wrap up, official notification on the 2015 AFSCME People Convention, held May 16 in ABQ.


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January 20th, 2015:

The week of January 12, 2015, the State issued an additional 884 checks, to both current and former employees. To date, the State has conducted six special payrolls and issued approximately 5,800 checks. The next special payroll is scheduled for the week of January 26, 2015.

AFSCME membership continues to seek further information and keep the pressure on to complete the back payments as quickly as possible.'

See the latest update here:

AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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