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We cannot and will not let them turn back the clock and destroy the progress we have made to make jobs safer and save lives.

Read Mayor Webber's report on temporary salary Increases for City of Santa Fe employees and his a vision for the path forward.

Local 3999 is actively meeting with management and the mayor's office. The Local will take steps necessary to protect the integrity of our union contract, while at the same time, thinking creatively about how this crisis can turn opportunity, and benefit all city workers who go above and beyond to serve.

"Rarely has one decision made so many people angry for so many different reasons,” Webber wrote in a seven-page report released at 5:01 p.m.  READ the entire report HERE

Webber also acknowedged that mistakes were made by the top management team he inherited, and that, "...consultation with the union was necessary in consideration of the temporary raises..."

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