ELITE Academy

*Empowerment through *Leadership, *Involvement, *Teamwork, and *Education.

Contract Enforcement, Grievance Handling, Arbitration, Leadership Skills, Building the Power of your Union - AFSCME Council 18 prioritizes training classes because we need YOU and your co-workers to be the leaders for tomorrow.

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AFSCME Colorado Stewards have been defending and improving work-life since our first Local was formed in 1971. Become a workplace defender! Be knowledgable about your union contract and prepared to uphold workplace rights.

Stewards will be there, no matter the problem. From workplace safety hazards, harassment, and conflict to reporting waste, fraud, and abuse, AFSCME stewards works to protect you and the integrity of public services. 

AFSCME COUNCIL 18 - ELITE Steward / Member Trainings

ELITE Level I Part I

Basic Steward Training / 2 day

ELITE Level I Part II

Advanced Steward Training, Grievance Handling / 1 day

ELITE Level II Part I

Communications Tactics and Building Political Power / 1 day


Arbitrations - for the advanced steward who is ready for the big leagues. Learn to handle a binding arbitration case, prepare exhibits, witnesses, write legal briefs / 4 days


Contract Negotiations & Contract Campaigns - setting ground rules, analyzing budgets, making information request, preparing articles for negotiation, organizing your negotiation committees and teams. / 2 days

Secretary-Treasurer Training

Essential for Local E-Board Members to manage member dues responsibly / 1 day


Intensive training on having one-on-one conversations with co-workers, identifying the issues, building strategy, and moving members to action / 2 days

LULA Training [Local Union Leadership Academy]

Intensive training on leading your Local using tactics that work! / 3 days