Sisters and Brothers,

During National Police Week we want to take this time and thank all of our police officers, sheriff's deputies, and other law enforcement officers and employees for everything that you do to keep our communities safe.


AFSCME Council 18 Executive Director Connie Derr released the following statement:

"Our police officers, sheriff's deputies, and other law enforcement officers are vital to the safety of our communities across New Mexico and Colorado. Our Union is proud to represent you and will always work to ensure that  you have the best training and that you are able to perform your duties safely and with confidence."

AFSCME Local 2911 President Rick Romero, who is a Sergeant with the Taos County Sheriff's Department said:

"As Local 2911 President I've been involved in negotiations for better pay, better clothing allowance, and being involved in protecting rights of deputies, just to name a few. Being in a Union is instrumental and essential. Power in numbers makes our Union stronger."

AFSCME Local 1764 President Valerie Tyler, who is a Investigator with the Luna County Sheriff's Department said:

"The services and protections provided by the Union are even more relevant and necessary in today's political climate, particularly with the move in many states to do away with qualified immunity."

AFSCME Local 2561 trustee Manuel Maldonado, who is a Sergeant with the Grant County Sheriff's Department said:

"As a fellow officer I'm proud to stand side by side with my fellow law enforcement brothers and sisters to keep our community safe and to fight to make sure our rights are also protected on the job."

Workers Memorial Day 2021 arrives at a moment of the greatest urgency, when the front lines of the war against

Workers in health care and social service industries are a big step closer to having safer workplaces.

AFSCME members from every corner of the state gathered for the three day AFSCME Strong training, which was held on November 16, 17, and 18 at the AFSCME LUJAN Union Hall in Albuquerque, to network with one another, discuss best practices, and develop the necessary skills to build strength and membership within their local.
Here is vital information about AFSCME's role in addressing sexual harassment, and what steps you may take to reclaim safety and YOUR POWER at work. AFSCME stands for workplaces free from sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation, bullying and any other type of inappropriate behaviors. AFSCME union power must be used to combat such behaviors and re-establish safe, healthy and respectful workplaces.

Finally, after eight years of the anti-worker Berry administration, we have a champion for workers as Mayor of Albuquerque.  Congratualtions to our current State Auditor, Tim Keller, for his impressive win over Dan Lewis, gathering 62% of the vote and also to Cynthia Borrego, for her victory in City Council District 5, gathering 54% of the vote.
AFSCME and CWA filed the lawsuit against the State after the State Personnel Office stated state employees may not have time to vote without penalty, in direct conflict of the municipal code and state rules act. In his decision delivered this morning, Judge Thompson cited several court cases upholding the fundamental democratic right to vote, as there is “no right more precious” than the right to vote.
Arbitrator orders Grievant made whole, and all discipline removed from file. Two New Mexico Department of Transportation employees were involved in an altercation that resulted in one employee being terminated for workplace violence and another being given a seven day suspension for defending himself. The aggressor had a history of antagonizing the grievant. At one point the aggressor pointed a grinder-sharpened trash-picker at the grievant’s chest. At the end of the workday, when the grievant was walking to his car, the aggressor drove his car directly toward the Grievant and struck him at least twice. The Grievant threw a water bottle at the aggressor’s windshield, shattering it, after having his leg injured severely enough to require transport to a hospital.
message from Connie Derr - take a few moments to hear from some of your fellow union members as they talk about the value of your union, AFSCME.

AFSCME never stops working to win better jobs, safer conditions, respect, dignity, and RIGHTS at work.